First thing first, brush your teeth..

Our souls are infinite and we’re older than the universe. God is everywhere and religion is a scam; however, a little bit of non-sense can make a lot of sense. Heaven and hell are states of mind, we’re living it right now. Be good to yourself and others and you’ll be in a great place. Karma is real!

We humans are social animals. We need daily physical/ emotional contact or we would fall into depression.  Like attracts like. Happiness is when reality meets expectations. Live in the now, the past is gone and the future will happen soon enough. Time heals everything. Live hygge.

We’re here to learn and progress. Reading and good company are key. Be proactive. Always visualize the end point before you start. Doubt is your worst enemy. Things are not attainable if you can’t imagine having/being it first.

Last but not least, floss..